written by
Justin Theng

Are You A Puppy Dog Or A Chicken?

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I was on running a Marketing Bootcamp session the other day with a new group of clients and something that came up was that while it seemed like lead generation was the most critical thing to address, there was actually something even more pressing.

Don't get me wrong. A strong lead pipeline is the lifeblood of any services business.

But what about the clients you already have that are 'less than ideal' in the tier of service they receive from you. 

Sometimes in these sessions the first thing that we discover is that there are actually a ton of customers in their database that could be a part of something much bigger, but are sitting in 'entry-level' services.

How do you know if that's you? So now let's get more specific.

The first thing to do is to identify what an ideal customer looks like, and call it a phase. 

When you have defined what an 'ideal customer phase' looks like, then you can create a pathway from 'Entry-level customer' to 'Ideal Customer.' 

Whoa, hang on a minute.

Am I saying that even after a prospect becomes a customer, I'm still treating them like a prospect.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

It's a relationship ladder, starting with "I don't know you," through to "I trust you," all the way through to, "I can't believe I ever did this without you, and I need to tell other people about this."

Now determine what steps need to go into place, to move them from one end to the other. How can you communicate and keep them engaged? How will you communicate the problems that you could solve if they would go the next step with you? 

One of the best ways to increase your revenues is to think about how to methodically move entry-level customers into ideal-level customers. Document your pipeline, not just as leads from prospects into customers, but from customers into brand ambassadors - Where they love you, depend on you and tell the world about you. 

Do you know the difference between a farm hen and a puppy dog?

Of course you do.

A farm hen, produces eggs, and people don't ask for the hen. They just want the egg. They don't care what hen they get the egg from either. 

But a puppy dog! They're treated like a member of the family. If something goes wrong, people drop everything to take the puppy to the vet. 

Now look at your services. Are you a replaceable farm hen, or the puppy dog?

Ideally, you'll be a mix of both. But move customers from seeing you as "farm hen entry level" to "puppy dog level."

Be the puppy dog my friend. 

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