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Understanding your Key Customer Indicators

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Who is your intended audience? What type of person do you anticipate benefiting the most from your product or service?

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You've got your customer segmentation down pat you know who your customers are and you know where your customers are going to be if you want to talk to them. Now the thing that you need to figure out is what the Key Indicators are that show you when a prospect is an ideal customer.

For example, let's say you sell Cyber Security products to companies. Now one of your key indicators might be on a government mandatory notification portal. For example, when companies of a certain size get data breaches online, they have to notify the government that they have been breached, so that their shareholders or their customers are aware that they might be at risk. 

Now as a Cyber Security company, you might go onto those government notification portals because everybody on that list has recently been breached, and therefore it's a hot topic conversation for you to have with the. You would call them up and say, "Would you like to consider protecting your company in the future?" 

But it doesn't just work for B2B. You can think about it in your business-to-consumer (B2C) space as well. You can think about the key indicators that tell you somebody is about to buy your product or would be interested in it at least. For example, you might be selling bathroom renovations, and a key indicator might be that a family has recently had teenagers who have grown up and moved out of home. Now Facebook Insights can tell you that. So you might want to target these kind of people because they've got spare space and they're going to be rethinking about what they are going to do with their house. Now all of a sudden instead of competing with other bathrooms renovators who are just telling Facebook to target people who have a house, or who are interested in renovations (very expensive) - You can start targeting in a much smarter way.

Who are your early adopters?

Who will be first in line to try your product? Why will this group want first dibs? Early adopters are essential to identify for a few reasons:

1. If you’re looking to test a new feature with a small, private group, you can turn to early adopters for feedback. This way you can make necessary revisions before launching to a larger, public audience.

2. If their voices are heard and changes are made that push your product from good to great, early adopters will stand behind your company. They will return as consumers time and time again and encourage others to check out your product.

Pro Tip:

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