written by
Justin Theng

Do You Sell Services Or Solutions?

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Did you know that your services are not your solutions?

In your business, you might actually be helping someone overcome a fear, or you might be providing the age-old human desire for convenience. It is incredible what people are willing to give up in order to get convenience. 

Don't assume that a prospect or customer is thinking about your product or service as solution that is going to address their need (yet). 

They may not even know about you just yet.

Not sure what I mean? Let's look at the basic human drivers that make people take action.

There are five Core Human Drives that influence people's behavior:

  1. Drive to Acquire: the desire to collect material and immaterial things, like a car, or influence.
  2. Drive to Bond: the desire to be loved and feel valued in our relationships with others.
  3. Drive to Learn: the desire to satisfy our curiosity.
  4. Drive to Defend: the desire to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property.
  5. Drive to Feel: the desire for emotional experiences like pleasure or excitement.

Whenever a group of people have an unmet drive, a market will form to satisfy it. 

So the more drives your offer connects with, and the better you communicate those connections, the more attractive your offer will become.

Josh Kaufman once said,  "If you’re going to build a successful business, it’s useful to have a basic understanding of what people want."

Growing up, my dad was an executive banker his whole life. Often his banking management training would work its way into our home, around the dinner table. In particular, one uncomfortable thing he used to do is ask the question, "why" repeatedly.

"Why did you spend your pocket money?" ..."Why did you need to go there?" ..."Why did you leave your bag there?" ..."Why did you get distracted with that girl?" ... and so on.

Don't feel sorry for me, it was quite educational. It turns out, the technique is called "Sixth Sigma" and it is a discovery method. It goes, the root to any problem can be found by asking six questions of "Why?" Six rounds and six layers

Six levels of Why.

Think about the solutions you have for your clients and ask yourself, "Why?" Does your offer solve that problem? Then go another level deeper, by asking "Why?" again. Then "Why that?" and "Why that?" and "Why that?" 

Try to get to the core of what the real solution is that you're delivering to your customers. That way when instead of talking about a feature or a benefit you can also now start talking about a real life solution that addresses an actual need that they feel a core human drive level.

Taking that into your sales conversations is gun powder.

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