written by
Justin Theng

What Is Your Unfair Advantage?

2 min read

Let me ask you, what is it that you do that makes it so hard for other people to copy?

If you said anything like, quality, or speed, or service, or that you're very relational, you are only scratching the surface of your personal power.

The thing is, other people are going to be saying the same thing too. 

After all a restaurant should never claim, "We have high food quality standards" as their differentiator. Because every restaurant should have that standard. In fact it's expected. So why waste breath and space saying it?

So how do you avoid it becoming a cliche? 

The key thing that you want to do is to consider all of your resources, all of your strategies, all of your experience. What really sets you apart? 

I was working with a client recently who is a top business coach. And I mean top top top business coach. But what was so interesting was that he couldn't see his own unfair advantages, and therefore was missing a really great opportunity in his marketing!

Remember, your background is your story, and typically your Unfair Advantage is hidden somewhere in your story. 

Just like every fingerprint is different, you don't have to try very hard to be unique. You just need to take the time to think about it.

Here's a brain boost:

Do you have inside information: In-depth knowledge or skills that are critical to the problem domain. Basically, this means being well positioned to understand a problem, create a solution, and continue to innovate faster than others.

Do you have personal authority: If you’re a scholar in a specific field, an award-winning builder of a certain product, or an expert on given services, you hold sway over competitors.

Community: If you have a vast network of customers and partners at your fingertips, you’re in a good position to make big strides.

Internal Team. Do you have a dream team? If your office is loaded with unique talent, you’re set to compete.

Reputation. Have you built up a following, a name that people instantly associate with proven success? A proven and popular brand reputation is a major advantage.

It doesn't end here, there is a myriad of factors that make you unique, and therefore your business.

You do you.

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